Thank you for signing up to EuroGames. This year EuroGames is hosted by Pan Idræt, a non-profit sports organization located in Copenhagen, Denmark. We offer 29 different sports, and they all take place either in or close to the center of Copenhagen or in Malmö. All venues are easy to get to by public transport. Read more about this on the page for each sport.

Fee structure:

For registration, the base fee* (include 1 sport) is:

EGLSF member

90 Euros


120 Euros

                                  * there are supplements for Ballroom dancing (15Euros), Golf (75 Euros) and Triathlon (20 Euros).

Each additional sport is 7 Euros extra (plus the applicable supplement).
Read more about becoming a EGLSF member here.

You can register for EuroGames now. Registration closes 12 July or when the sport is sold out. You will find an icon on the tournament page indicating if the sport is 50 percent or more sold out.

Signing up:

If you register for a team sport, the team captain must register first and create your team. The team captain will naturally count as an athlete as well.

Copenhagen 2021 affirms and supports the rights of athletes to compete as their true selves and to compete in the gender category that accords with their gender identity.




Participants who identify as male


Participants who identify as female


Participants who do not identify with the binary definition


Male categories are open to all who identify as male, and female categories open to all who identify as female. We recognize that a binary definition of gender excludes people who are non-binary, and so in those sports where there are different gender categories, we will have a third category for non-binary athletes. Please select "X" from gender list for non-binary category.

Our ambition is to create a welcoming and inclusive space. Read more about our fair play policy.

Supporters and visitors:

All supporters and visitors who will not participate as an athlete do not need to sign up for the EuroGames. We do not charge any entrance at the sports venues. They will have same affordable accommodation if they book their hotel through Copenhagen 2021s website. Read more here.


Payment and refund policy:

From March 30, 2021, payment by credit card will be required upon registration.

If you registered before March 30, 2021, you should have received an email with the payment request on May 10, 2021, and you will have about three weeks to pay. If you pay by the date shown on the email, you will secure your registration. If you do not pay by the date in the email, we might be forced to cancel your registration. To settle the payment, please view/update your registration and go through all the pages. A credit card payment button will be in the summary page.

You can request a refund up to 12 July 2021 if you no longer wish to participate for any reason and we will deduct a 20 EUR administration fee before refunding your money.

 If we cancel the whole tournament because of COVID-19, we will give you a full refund without deducting an administration fee. Read our terms and conditions HERE.


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